- ‘Five insights into re-writing distance’

a collection of five poems written for a residency with artists lin snelling, guy cools, mary nunan and jo slade in dance limerick may/june 2016




(in Limerick Magazine – April 2016)



- Selection from forthcoming book [Bosquejos para] Una Poesía del Deseo / [Sketches for] A Poetry of Desire.

(in Armas y Letras – Nos. 88/89 January 2016)







- The Limerick Lullaby project

An intervention to relieve prenatal stress. Co-authored with Carolan, M., Barry, M., Gamble, M., Turner, K. In Midwifery, Volume 28, Issue 2, April 2012




- Exposing the Play in Gregorian Chant: The Manuscript as an Opening of Re-Presentation.

Doctoral Thesis. 2010. Institutional Repository, Glucksman Library, University of Limerick.


Thesis Abstract

The purpose of this thesis is to review some of the concepts that are at the foundation of Gregorian chant scholarship – particularly those related to the notion of formula and concepts closely related to it, such as that of variant, identity, the oral and the written in chant transmission and the concept of meaning – and to propose a radical view that presents us with a different way of interpreting the extant evidence: one that sees the manuscripts as an opening of re-presentation, as an active and continuous process of change and innovation. The thesis incorporates post-modern/post-structural ideas developed by eminent philosopher Jacques Derrida, and comprise the concepts of play, différance, iterability, undecidability and supplementarity, which, during the course of the work, are deeply embodied in the musical realm that is the subject of the present work. The implications/consequences of the theories proposed throughout the investigation are summarised at the end of the work, and correspond to some of the types of current chant scholarship and contemporary performance practice.



- ‘Experiences of pregnant women attending a lullaby programme in Limerick, Ireland: A qualitative study’

Co-authored with Carolan, M., Barry, M., Gamble, M., Turner, K. (in press 2011). Received 18 November 2010




- La Interpretación Musical en el Espíritu de lo Posible

(Armas y Letras Nos. 72/73. November/December 2010)






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