- Jenseitsräume | Places of the Beyond  (2016).

Vocal project. Co-devised with Steve Boyland (UK) and Maria Jonas (Germany). (2016)

Jenseitsräume – ‘Places of the Beyond’ – brings together the visionary, musico-poetic universe of Hildegard of Bingen, the luminous, intuitive soundscapes of improvised voice and the revelatory, poetic philosophy of Rainer Maria Rilke. Devised and performed by improviser/performance artist Steve Boyland (UK), and chant specialists Maria Jonas (Germany) and Oscar Mascarenas (Mexico/Ireland), it has its origins in a discourse established by Boyland and Jonas during Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture in 2008. Brokered by festival director Robyn Archer, the dialogue was inspired by a common desire to explore the creative possibilities offered by a coming together of different artistic perspectives. What emerged was a recognition by the two artists of something shared beneath and beyond the specific forms of the artistic places they normally inhabited and a commitment to find opportunities to realise these possibilities in performance. The catalyst which was to bring this discourse to fruition as Jenseitsraume has its roots in research conducted by Boyland and composer Oscar Mascarenas at University of Limerick in 2014, into the application of embodied, somatic vocal methodologies to the chant tradition and most particularly in the series of expansive vocal soundscapes devised and recorded by the duo at Bluecoat, Liverpool during a 2015 residency. Jenseitsraume was launched as a performance project for three voices in April 2016 and will be premiered in Cologne in August.
























- De profundis (2015)

Composer and performer Óscar Mascareñas (Ireland) and voice artist Steve Boyland (UK) devise and perform a rendition of the medieval Gregorian offertory response De profundis. Filmed at the Bluecoat Centre for the Contemporary Arts in Liverpool, UK, in July 2015 as part of an on-going collaborative project between the two artists.
























- Cantus Firmus II (2015)

A piece devised and performed by Steve Boyland and Óscar Mascareñas as part of their residency at the Bluecoat Centre for the Contemporary Arts in Liverpool in July 2015. The work serves as a prelude to De profundis, a Gregorian offertory also devised as part of this residency.
























- Sonography for 100 Voices  (2013)

A work curated for the TED event TEDxYouth@GarzaGarcía. Performed at the Auditorio del Club Deportivo San Agustín. San Pedro Garza García, N.L., Mexico. November 2013.























- Bristol Collective 2 (2012)

A piece for 100 instrumentalists and singers. Performed in the University of Bristol.  October 2012. An audio of the performance can be accessed on
























- Songs for An Age of Sorrow (2010)

Ensemble Hibernia performing four medieval chants .The readings follow Óscar Mascareñas' post-modern approach to music performance, much of which is owed to his doctoral research and the on-going investigative project in chant performance (with Hibernia) that he leads at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the University of Limerick, Ireland. These videos are a collaboration with dance artist Erika Charters (UK)



Óscar Mascareñas - Artistic Director

Erika Charters - Dance/Choreography



Sinéad Boomsma

Hannah Fahey

Niamh Farrelly

Elenor Fields

Louise Kelly

Cara Morrissey-Gleeson

Aoife Sheehy

Femke van der Kooij


Devised, filmed and edited by Óscar Mascareñas




Multitudo languentium























O cruor sanguinis























Vir erat























Vox in Rama
























- Songs for An Age of Sorrow (Tract Domine Exaudi)

From the same collection of post-modern readings of medieval chant. Here verse one from the Tract Domine exaudi performed by HIBERNIA in November 2010 at Glenstal Abbey, Murroe, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Voices: Sinéad Boomsma, Sydney Freedman, Óscar Mascareñas and Cara Morrissey-Gleeson.