- FIGURES: Study 1 – Durations

From the choreosonographic series FIGURES, this is the film version of the first study, Durations. Devised, filmed and edited by Óscar Mascareñas. Performed by Nora Rodríguez. This film will be screened during the Light Moves Festival of Screendance. 3-6 November 2016. Limerick, Ireland.



























A poetry film directed by Óscar Mascareñas and Nora Rodríguez. Words and music by Óscar Mascareñas. With acting by Fiona Marie Booth, Dora Gola, Nora Rodríguez and Tara Wray. Premiered at a special gathering of the poetry group Stanzas. Limerick, Ireland. February 2016.


Synopsis: The film reflects upon aspects of the broken, dysfunctional, almost non-existent relationship that one sometimes has with a self-other (or with the own-self), and explores themes of solitude, abandonment, selflessness, impermanence, the letting go of things and people, beauty and suffering. The poem was composed in several stages, each stage being a ‘distilled’ version of the preceding one. The film aims to situate the observer as if in front of a mirror, and at once to dislocate the idea of time and self and to allow the observer to read and experience the self-other/own-self portrayed by the performers in the film. The poem is presented in subtitles, allowing the observer to read it with her/his own voice. The music plays an important role in accentuating the themes of the poem through a series of silences interspersed with sounds, which are produced after an exploration that seeks to expose the moment before the formation of the musical idea.